Hexylene Glycol

EWG level: 1

This is a small molecular weight surfactant. Hexylene Glycol is glycols or glycol ethers. Glycols are a class of alcohols that contain two hydroxyl groups which are also called a diols. This is clear, practically colorless, liquids. In cosmetics and personal care products, these ingredients are used in the formulation of hair and bath products, eye and facial makeup, fragrances, personal cleanliness products, and shaving and skin care products. This is used as solvents and viscosity decreasing agents in cosmtics and personal care products.

Its functions are: Fragrance Ingredient; Solvent; Viscosity Decreasing Agent; Emulsifying; Perfuming; Skin conditioning; Surfactant.

“Classified as irritant, not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful”

Limited evidence of immune system toxicity or allergies (National Library of Medicine HazMap)

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