EWG level: 2

Chlorphenesin is an organic compound that functions as a preservative at low concentrations. This is a synthetic preservative. Chlorphenesin is a preservative and cosmetic biocide that helps prevent the growth of microorganisms. In cosmetics and personal care products, Chlorphenesin helps to prevent or retard the growth of microorganisms, and thus protects the product from spoiling. Chlorphenesin may also function as a cosmetic biocide, which means that it helps prevent the growth of microorganisms on the skin which reduces or prevents odor. Chlorphenesin is used in the formulation of aftershave lotions, bath products, cleansing products, deodorants, hair conditioners, makeup, skin care products, personal cleanliness products, and shampoos.

Its functions are: Cosmetic Biocide; Antimicrobial; Preservative.

No Ecological concerns, “Not  expected to be potentially toxic or harmful (Environment Canada Domestic Substance List)

Restricted in cosmetics (recommendations or requirements) – use, concentration, or manufacturing restrictions – Japan –


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