Potassium Sorbate

EWG level: 3

This is a potassium salt of sorbic acid, a naturally occuringantimicrobial compound; used as a preservative. Used as a preservative due to its ability to inhibit mold and yeast growth in cosmetics products once it breaks down into sorbic acid. Potassium Sorbate kill microorganisms, or prevent or retard their growth and reproduction, and this protect cosmetics and personal care products from spoilage. Potassium Sorbate have a broad spectrum of fungistatic activity but are less active against bacteria. Optimum antimicrobial activity is attained at pH values up to 6.5.

Its Funtions: Fragrance Ingredient; Preservative

Allergies Concerns, “Human skin toxicant or allergen – strong evidence” (Cosmetic Ingredient Review Assessments)

Concerns, “Classified as not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful” (Environment Canada Domestic Substance List)

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