Aluminum Hydroxide

EWG Level: 1

Aluminum hydroxide, also known as hydrated alumina, is used as a colorant for many types of cosmetic and personal care products such as eye makeup and lipstick. It is also used in cleansing products, lotions, moisturizers, hair conditioners, and other skin care and suntan products. When used for medical purposes such as antiacid, the hydroxide ion reacts with excess stomach acid, thus reducing the acidity. Aluminum Hydroxide is an inorganic base. Inorganic bases are alkalies which contain no carbon atoms. When placed in water, Aluminum Hydroxide separates into cations (positively charged aluminum) and hydroxide anions (negatively charged aluminum).

Its Functions: Opacifying Agent, Skin Protectant, Cosmetic Colorant

“Classified as medium human health priority” (Environment Canada Domestic Substance List)

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