EWG Level: 7

Phenol, known as carbolic acid, may be as preservatives in pharmaceutical products. It is a white solid that turns pink or red when exposed to light. Phenol is used in bath, hair, and skin care products since it is an aromatic compound. In the United States, Phenol may be used as an active ingredient in OTC drug products.

Funtions: Antimicrobial Agent, cosmetic biocide, Denaturant, Deodorant Agent, Exfoliant, Fragrance Ingredient; Oral Health Care Drug; Preservative

“Violation of government restrictions – Banned or found unsafe for use in cosmetics” (Canada – Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetics Ingredients)

“Limited evidence of developmental toxicity” (US EPA)

“Cancer – not classifiable/not likely to be human carcinogen” (Int’l Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – Carcinogens)

“Designated as safe for general or specific, limited use in food” (FDA Everything Added to Food)

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