EWG Level: 1

The Nylon ingredients are all synthetic polymers. Polymers are high molecular weight molecules with repeating units prepared from relatively small chemical compounds called monomers. Nylon was discovered in 1935 and has diverse uses, including in clothing and rope, due to its unique properties as a flexible solid. Nylon 12 is all polymers made of repeating units linked by amide bonds. In cosmetics and personal care products, the Nylon ingredients are used in the formulation of body and hand preparations, eye makeup, mascara, nail polish, and skin fresheners. Nylon-12 and Nylon-66 can also be found in bath products, deodorants, face makeup, indoor tanning preparations, lipsticks, moisturizers, night skin care products, paste masks, skin care products and suntan products.

Funtions: Bulking Agent; Opacifying Agent; Viscosoty Controlling

Concerns, “Determined safe for use in cosmetics, subject to concentration or use limitations – Safe for use in cosmetics with some qualifications” (Cosmetic Ingredient Review Assessments)

Organ system toxicity Concerns, “Classified as not expected to be potentially toxic or harmful” (Environment Canada Domestic Substance List)

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