EWG Level: 3

PEG-115M is a polymer of ethylene oxide. Triethylene Glycol and other polyethylene glycols are polymers of ethylene glycol. The number in the name represents the average number of ethylene glycol units. The polyethylene glycol polymers are used in a wide variety of products including bath products, shaving products, skin care products, makeup, skin cleansing products, shampoo, hair conditioners and deodorants. In addition to being named based on the number of units of ethylene glycol, they may also be named based on the molecular weight of the compound.

Funtions: Binder; Emulsion Stabilizer; Viscosity Increasing Agent – Aqueous

Organ system toxicity Concerns, “Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful’ (Environment Canada Domestic Substance List)

Ecological Concerns, “Not suspected to be an environmental toxin” (Environment Canada Domestic Substance List)

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