About me

Surprisingly, I’m neither a chemist nor a pharmacist.

(gasps from everywhere)

I’m simply a teenager -a sophomore in high school to be exact- whose interest for the applications of chemistry, especially the health and beauty products we use, is shameless and indisputable.

Around the beginning seventh grade, I started getting acne. I didn’t know how to take care of my skin, so I popped the pimples and covered my skin with layers of thick foundation (as seventh graders, my friends and I were curious about makeup products and we would experiment often). I didn’t wash makeup off properly, and scrubbed my face with


Love this.

harsh chemicals. This continued, and by eighth grade I had acne and acne scars all over my face.

It was only then that I began to invest my time in learning more about the human skin, makeup products, and the effects of different chemicals and ingredients utilized in making those products. This lead me to become interested in medicines and their impacts and side effects.

In case you are interested: My acne now? It has been three years since my pimples first started appearing, and my skin has gotten a whole lot cleaner after I figured which products were suitable for my skin. If there is one crucial point I learned during this process, it’s that a product that suits my friend’s skin doesn’t necessarily mean it would suit mine. The ingredients that your skin finds agreeable is different from what everyone else’s skin does.

One of my favorite subjects in school has always been Science. I don’t feel the anxious pangs that I sometimes get while studying for other exams, and if I should overstate this, I actually find it enjoyable while studying for science exams. It weirds out others and even me. Many seniors and juniors tell me that they liked science too when the subject is something so “uncomplicated” as 9th grade Biology, and that everything will get a lot challenging real quick, and that soon studying science will no longer be “unstressful”, as I described it to them.
I’ll have to see about their assertions.

I still have a lot to learn, and I am definitely not half as knowledgable as chemists or pharmacists are. But I hope my enthusiasm will get me far.


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